2020: The year business became truly flexible

Posted — Wednesday 17.12.2020

Everyone knows that 2020 has been an extremely surprising and challenging year for many of us. What we didn’t expect, after years of businesses resisting change such as working from home, encouraging a work/life balance or embracing digital transformation is that many organisations have already implemented these hugely transformative ways of working into their daily working life.

Success in business has always been about adaptation – and it has never been more important. Workplaces that were able to be flexible with their employees, services and clients have reaped the benefits, from retaining a strong customer base to growing their business. 

This has been in response to the almost overnight transformation of the business landscape, with online services dominating, day to day work routines becoming unrecognisable, and remote working, cloud computing, video conferencing having come on leaps and bounds. 

2020 has taught every business leader that making quick decisions and creating a more agile, flexible workplace is a must in order to be a future-ready organisation. Mostly, this has been a case of adapting in response to a problem. The trick for 2021 must be to adapt proactively.

Firefighting was essential this past year, but as we look ahead to the new year, you’ll need to focus on the future by anticipating change and adapting to put your business in the best possible position to succeed. When the last restrictions eventually lift, which we do hope will be by the end of 2021, your organisation is likely to be a very different place when compared with the start of 2020, so now is the time to actively assess what changes need to be made so you can thrive in the future.

Hopefully, that new world will soon be upon us but it’s a mistake to think that you’ll be able to succeed post-pandemic by operating in the same way as you used. The way we live and the way we work will be very different going forward. As a result, you need to be brave enough to move on from old ways of working to ensure you aren’t simply propping up old systems that are no longer suitable.

Although the future has never been more uncertain, pushing forward with confidence so that you can redefine and reimagine your business is going to be the best and most effective approach to take so that you can lead the way into the new world.

2021 will be a year with new opportunities ready to be explored. This quiet winter will offer you a great chance to pause, take stock, rethink your business and create a new plan for a future no one could have predicted a year ago.

After a challenging year in 2020, we all have a once in a generation opportunity to do things differently. Now let’s make the most of it.

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