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Posted — Wednesday 21.12.2020

2020 is drawing to a close, and Christmas is upon us. Now’s the best time to look ahead to early 2021, and we’ve got just the thing to help you jump into the new year with a renewed sense of purpose! 

Our free webinar, ‘Need for speed – Time to transform your business’ is taking place on January 7th 2021 and will give attendees – from managing directors and senior leaders to operational heads – the opportunity to gain insights into why speed is crucial for organisations wanting to implement changes now to have a strong 2021 following the COVID-19 pandemic.

Whether you’ve had a difficult 2020 and want to have a stronger year ahead, or you’re looking for new insights into how you can rejuvenate your organisation, we’re going to be sharing our expert advice in January so you can make 2021 the best yet. 

If you’re taking stock in the lead up to Christmas and the New Year, take some time to reflect on where your business is now and what you want to achieve in the year ahead. Designing your business for the future will not only ensure your survival, but guarantee you to thrive.

Optimise organisational design

This year more than ever, we’ve learnt that life and business can be unpredictable and being flexible and adaptable is key for survival. Changing your business’ strategy to reflect your goals is, in a nutshell, organisational design – adapting an organisation’s structure with core objectives to improve efficiency and effectiveness. 

Organisational design can be a great tool to help you make the most of the resources you have at your disposal to build new and better processes that bring you closer to your goals. Those goals have likely shifted since January 2020, so it’s important that your business is built to drive you towards those objectives for the year ahead, rather than around existing people and processes that your business has outgrown.

In 2021, organisational design needs to be undertaken sooner rather than later as very little can be predicted or anticipated in current times, so businesses need to be ready for anything.

If you’re in a quiet period in the run up to the new year, take the opportunity to reflect on your current environment and plan how you’re going to transition from old structures to new. Your business will be better placed to handle whatever the pandemic throws your way.

Fine-tune your purpose

Redefining your values, vision, mission and purpose will help you to reinvigorate your business and people for the year ahead. Having a shared understanding across your organisation is crucial, and it should be effective irregardless of where your staff are. 

You can ask yourself:

  • What are our reasons for purpose?
  • How will we communicate our purpose to staff and customers?
  • Do we need to redesign our work and how will we do this?
  • What is the end output? 

Now is an excellent time to reflect, and if you’re feeling confident that you’re able to steer your culture forward, our webinar will help you better implement any changes that you feel need to be made to improve your business for your teams and clients.

Seek inspiration from others

Businesses across the UK and beyond have taken different approaches to the new way of working in 2020. In Germany, employees enjoyed “Feierabend”, the concept of switching off at the end of the working day. In a modern, dynamic workplace where everyone can be connected at all times, this is a relatively new and forward thinking concept that encourages employees to switch off and ‘play hard’ at the end of the working day to encourage a full 11 hour rest period between finishing and starting work. 

Some businesses have adopted a digital detox approach, restricting email access for employees out of business hours to enable them to relax and fully switch off. In the UK, many of us feel the need to continue working into the evening – and even on weekends or during holidays! During the Christmas break, it might be important to give your people time off to enjoy a well-deserved rest. By the time January comes around, they’ll hopefully be relaxed and ready to take on a new year! But only by taking this ‘switching off’ approach will that be achieved.

It’s important when designing your future that you consider how you’re going to encourage your employees to switch off in the long term, not just over Christmas.

To find out more about how you can rejuvenate your organisation, join us on Thursday 7th January 2021 for ‘Need for speed – Time to transform your business’. Register here today.

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