Ingenium Talent: Unveiling a New Era of Excellence

Posted — Wednesday 10.08.2022

We are changing our name to Ingenium Talent and here’s why…

Introspection and Evolution

Recent years have encouraged introspection in all of us and at Ingenium talent, we’re no different.

Inspiring Transformative Change

Since our foundation in 2019, we’ve evolved our methodology and approach to ensure that we remain a unique consultancy, inspiring transformative change, and improvements for our clients.

Reshaping for Excellence

We’ve been working on some big changes within our own business over the last few months, rebranding and reshaping to ensure we’re providing the best service we can. As part of that, we’ve changed our name to Ingenium Talent.

When we put our heads together, we realised that ‘PCW Consulting’ had evolved past our original goal of providing business support through merger and acquisition transformation, so it was time the brand reflected that.

Embracing “Ingenium” – The Perfect Choice

The word ‘Ingenium’ means innate ability, therefore, it feels like the perfect name choice to signify our re-invention and our talent solution services.

During the pandemic, we have evolved our business model to deliver some significant person-focused projects for new and existing clients. We are now a case study in our own right, a vision of what we wanted our clients to achieve.

Examples include:

  • People Strategies – working with C-suites to understand the 3–5-year business aspirations and goals and aligning a people plan. Considering reward and remuneration trends, succession and talent profiling, resourcing requirements, and risk profiling. 
  • Organisation Design – organisational tuning and improvement charts to support business growth, challenging the traditional operating model and identifying gaps in new roles and responsibilities. Supporting clients in scoping and recruiting new roles.
  • High Performing Teams – working with Senior Management to understand the current performance culture. Identification of existing talent and succession and developing resourcing plan. Scoping the agreed performance requirements and embedding a performance process (and training).
  • Executive Coaching – building trust and rapport to challenge critical leadership decisions and behaviours. Coaching managers through challenging conversations and transformational change.
  • Executive Resourcing – by supporting our clients with people plans or organisation design, we really got to understand their values, culture and needs. Enabling us to confidently but confidentially source strategic talent to align to business transformation.

Our new identity, Ingenium represents this vision to provide clients with high calibre talent and the same level of support.

Our rebrand signifies our own business transformation and has enabled us to evaluate our purpose, and focus on our core specialisms. Indeed, we’re expanding our ability to provide high-end resourcing services whether via direct recruitment, provision of managed services teams, secondment or distinct work packages offloaded/outsourced by our clients to Ingenium’s own capital projects team. This rebrand does not signify a change in our market positioning and will not change the intrinsic, enduring values and collaborative culture of our business.

We’re really excited about the future – and you should be too…

Right now, we are primarily changing our name, but we have so many great, up-and-coming plans for the future. We have some exciting plans to partner with some great alliances to help them succeed in the delivery of some phenomenal infrastructure projects.  There are many more exciting things to follow so keep an eye on our LinkedIn for more information.

Paul (Director) & Michelle (Managing Director)

Whatever lies ahead, we are the driving force to see you on the road to success. In the face of new challenges, let our team realise your aspiration, reach your goals to achieve your success.

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