What’s next for leaders in the COVID recovery journey?

Posted — Wednesday 10.06.2021

Explore the challenges and opportunities facing businesses in the post-COVID recovery phase. Learn how leaders can strike a balance between returning to work and embracing new practices for sustained success.

Embracing Change: Shaping the Future of Work

Discover the lasting impact of the pandemic on business behaviors and practices. Uncover the potential benefits of retaining improved practices, such as agile decision-making, efficient meetings, and honest communication approaches.

Adapting Leadership Styles for the Recovery Phase

As leaders prepare to unlock their businesses, they must adapt their leadership styles. Understand employees’ new expectations and manage them effectively during the recovery period. Address challenges and face realities while guiding your teams.

Empowering Teams and Recognizing Unsung Heroes

The crisis has reshaped informal hierarchies within teams, highlighting unsung heroes who stepped up when needed. Explore ways to retain this empowerment and ensure decision-making continues at the appropriate level.

Gathering Insights: Reflecting on the Pandemic Experience

Avoid making assumptions about employee beliefs and engagement. Engage your team in reflection on their pandemic experience. Gather valuable insights on what worked well, what was frustrating, and what they’d like to see continue.

Shaping the Recovery Plan: Incorporating Employee Input

Use employee feedback to shape your recovery plan and business strategies. Tactfully communicate employee requests that align with the business direction. Involve key customers and suppliers in the decision-making process for a comprehensive approach.

Leadership in Action: Visibility, Reorientation, and Authenticity

Leaders must take proactive steps in guiding the recovery journey. Be visible, offer purposeful reorientation, and demonstrate authenticity to inspire and unite your teams.

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